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Our job is to provide a quality service at the right price!

It has been a real pleasure working with these guys. I was really worried when I needed someone for my jobs but all was unfounded with Melcro!

Why choose us?


One of our strongest points is that the work we do does stand the test of time. We always backup our work through the use of genuine equipment that is standardised and proven to be great for the job at hand.

If you are looking for a strong and reliable partner in turnkey solutions than Melcro should be the first on your list for the quality of service that we offer.


Another important quality is our time management skills. We know how important your home or your project is to you. We therefore do all we can to deliver a solution that reaches our standards and fits within your schedule and budget. Melcro instllations are renowned for delivering all our projects in time.

To do this we meet you and discuss all that is relevant to your project before we actually get our hands dirty.


If this is your first home you might be overwhelmed by all the costs that come with the pleasure of being an actual home owner. We understand this and our costs keep that in mind. Our main focus is to make sure that you step inside without worrying that something could go wrong. We want you to experience all the pleasure you can get from a stress free home for years and years. Our name is a priority and needs to be synonymous with quality and reliable work whilst not breaking the bank.

Hassle Free

This is the keyword (or keywords actually) that join everything together. If our service is seen as straighforward and hassle free than our mission has been met. Hassle free means that the work is reliable and solid, means that we delivered on time and means that we managed to get everything ready within a realistic budget.